Cleaning Services
General Clean

Posh 'n' sparks provide an outstanding service for general clean,which includes.

  • Dusting and vaccuming 
  • Cleaning and polishing surfaces
  • Cleaning bathtub and showers 
  • Wipe countertops
  • Clean toilets Mopping floor.
  • Empty bins
Deep Clean 1 Bedroom

Posh 'n' sparks deep clean service includes 

  • Wipe and dust all accessible surfaces 
  • Wipe exterior or kitchen cupboard  
  • Sweep kitchen floor and mop
  • Clean microwave interior and exterior 
  • Wipe switches and handles 
  • Clean cobwebs 
  • Clean skirting boards 
  • Clean bathroom and toilet 
  • Windows inside
  • Mopfloor 
  • Clean sink and tap
  • Remove all greasy and frame from cooker
  • Cleans mirror and glasses 
Cooporative Services
End Of Tenancy Cleaning From Studio Flat

posh 'n' sparks EOT consit with,

  • cleaning of inside windows
  • cleaning skirting boards
  • wiping down cobwebs
  • dusting and vaccumimg
  • cleaning and doors and haind rails
  • cleaning kitchen cabinets
  • cleaning of fridge and freezer
  • cleaning of oven
  • cleaning of washing machine
  • clean bathroom 
  • sweep and mop the bathroom
Office Cleaning

posh 'n' sparks office clean.

  • wiping down surfaces
  • cleaning chairs and table with antibacterial product
  • cleaning toilets and empty bins
  • sweep toilets 
  • hoover and mop floors
  • clean microwave and kitchen sinks

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